15 comments on “Who the 2012-2013 NFL MVP Is and Why

  1. AP is the MVP no doubt, the Vikings would be horrible without him, meanwhile the Broncos were a playoff team without him and Payton plays in bad division.

  2. i’m a 17 year old female and have been watching the vikings play for 14 years, last year ap was out with a torn acl and the vikings season was 3-13 or something terrible, this year ap is playing and we mad it to the play off with a record of 10-6. look at the numbers. without ap the vikings would be nothing, ap is the only one who really leads the team, he puts 110% into all the games and plays, ap by far deserves that award!!

  3. oh yeah look what happen in the playoff…..99 yards 0 TD. Not a factor at all without a quarterback. Peyton is the MVP !!!

    • Tom Brady is THE MVP Period!!!! Although AP and Manning had a great year, both deserve CO-Comeback Player award, but not MVP.

    • Why do stupid ppl keep putting Peyton on a pedastol broncos were better off with tebow at least he won a playoff game if you will put your money on manning then I have some swamp land to sell you he garbage it’s disrespectful even comparing him to brady

      • Yes your right. Tebow did win a playoff game for them. But look at the word that you used: “Playoff” game. The MVP is the MVP of the “regular” season, not the “postseason.” Dont get it confused. Too many people do nowadays. Peyton carried the Broncos to 13 regular season wins. Tebow didnt. And neither did Brady. So there is no reason to complain. What happens in the postseason is a completely different argument.

      • Oh good another retarded Tebowanite. You people refuse to look at the facts:
        1. Any teams they beat with Tebow at the helm were either
        A.Losing teams
        B. Had numerous injuries on both offense and defense. (Steelers game perfect example)
        2. Any time they DID win against these teams, it was by the skin of their teeth. There is NO reason it should have come that close with that Miami game.

        FINALLY, If they had Teblow, there is NO way he would have brought the team back against the chargers the way Manning did with 35 unanswered points in ONE HALF.

        I will put my money on Manning ANY day over that garbage QB called Tebow.

      • Yeah a 4-time MVP right?
        And he’s had better stats throughtout his career and obviously this season so stfu you “stupid person”… Peyton Manning is in the top 3 QB’s of all-time, I don’t think Brady is, is he?

    • you’re right. Look what happened in the playoffs. 2 ints, 1 fumble resulting in 17 points, including the winning field goal. Another 1 and done. AD for MVP!

      • Thats what happened in the “playoffs.” The MVP is the MVP of the “rugular” season. Dont get it confused.

  4. The reason why AD should win is because the Vikings would be nothing without him. He carried this team on his back and took them to the playoffs. Tim Tebow was able to take the Broncos last year into the playoffs. The Broncos have a complete team that a sub par quarterback can take to the playoffs. No AP = No playoffs

    • It doesnt matter who they played. A schedule is a schedule. There is nothing that the team can do about it, they dont make their own schedule. So what if they happened to go on and win the Super Bowl? Should they get credit for it just because of their “easy schedule?” Of course they should. It just so happened that they had an easy schedule.

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